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  • Hay Bales for Sale in Delaplaine, Arkansas

    212 Round Bales 75% Crab Grass and 25% Corn Stalk I have for sale 212 net wrapped round bays of hay. All bales are 75% crabgrass and 25% corn stalks. Hay is located in Delaplaine Ar. Have two tractors with forks on site and will load every bale that I sold.

  • Hay for Sale in Canehill, Arkansas

    Round Bales 25.00 Fertilized, net wrapped 4 X 5 round bales. 2017 hay from 1st and 2nd cuttings. 25.00 ea, discount for large loads. We can load it for you. We also have hay from 2016 for 20.00 ea. These are all large tight bales. ...

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